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This signature AMCHAM T&T event commemorates International Women’s Day annually.

At AMCHAM T&T we recognise the importance of highlighting women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements, as we acknowledge their critical role in achieving positive change in all aspects of life in Trinidad & Tobago. We believe that by highlighting practical examples of women in leadership and providing an avenue for open discussion, we will identify and play a role in dismantling some of the barriers to gender parity.

This year’s IWD theme #EmbraceEquity is asking us to actively support and embrace equity within our own sphere of influence. Equity isn't just a nice-to-have, it's a must-have. Equity means creating a fair and equal world. Equality is the goal, and equity is the means to get there. Through equity, we can reach equality.

So, let's continue to challenge gender stereotypes, call out discrimination, draw attention to bias, and seek out inclusion. Forging gender equity isn't limited to women solely fighting the good fight. Allies are incredibly important for the social, economic, cultural, and political advancement of women.

Everyone everywhere can play a part. Collectively, we can all embrace equity and drive change.

Partner with AMCHAM T&T as we #EmbraceEquity and celebrate the achievements of women in our society and around the world.
The AMCHAM T&T’s Women’s Leadership Conference is a highly anticipated event that attracts more than 250 C-Suite Executives, emerging leaders, middle managers, and entrepreneurs from all ethnicities, professions, and social backgrounds, locally and internationally and men who support them.



Toni Sirju-Ramnarine

Toni Sirju-Ramnarine (President - AMCHAM T&T) delivered the Official Welcome Remarks at the Opening Ceremony at WLC 2023. 

Her Excellency Candace A. Bond

Her Excellency Candace A. Bond (U.S. Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago) delivered the Keynote Address at the Opening Ceremony at WLC 2023.

Gayle Pazos

Gayle Pazos (Senior Vice President and Head, Caribbean South & East and Managing Director, Trinidad & Tobago - Scotiabank) delivered the Sponsor Remarks.

Aleeya Ali

Aleeya Ali (Managing Director Proman Operations - Proman) delivered the Sponsor Remarks.

Frances Bain-Cumberbatch

Frances Bain-Cumberbatch (Chief Legal and External Affairs Officer - Ansa McAl) delivered the Sponsor Remarks.

Nirad Tewarie

Nirad Tewarie (CEO - AMCHAM T&T) was the official Master of Ceremonies at the Opening Ceremony at WLC 2023.


Embrace Equity

Equity often involves issues related to fairness in pay, opportunities for advancement, and fairness in daily work experiences. It’s making sure the workplace policies, procedures, and systems can meet people's unique needs without one person or group having an unfair advantage over another.

This session covered the following issues:
• Understanding the difference between equality and equity.
• How to address unfairness in the workplace?
• How to implement and evaluate workplace equity and build equity targets?
• Lifting the barriers to creating equity, inclusion, and belonging in organizations.

Dare To Lead

This session will feature pioneering female leaders in varying industries sharing important insights and advice to help women develop leadership influence and respect to accelerate their careers.

This session covered the following issues:

• Setting goals and strategies for success.
• Steps to build a career path plan.
• How to tap into personal/innate leadership skills to achieve success.
• Utilizing authentic communication strategies to find your voice and realize your worth.
• Building networks to claim future success.

Financial Wellbeing

Persistent and pervasive pay inequity often results in women earning less and saving little. This explains why women are unwilling to invest and grow their personal wealth. This session will address these issues and provide financial advice to help women achieve financial independence.

This session will cover the following issues:

• Steps to build confidence and take control of personal finances.
• Building a holistic financial plan to help women save more and invest early.
• Learn how to pay off debt, create a budget, and plan for retirement.
• Tips to better negotiate salaries, pay increases, and promotional opportunities.

Building Self-Worth

Society constantly judges women on standards of beauty, relationships, careers, and more, making it difficult for women to find their value and worth. However, true self-worth comes from looking within to increase confidence, self-esteem, and personal growth.

This session covered the following issues:

• How to craft a personal elevator pitch.
• How to challenge self-limiting beliefs.
• Building confidence to step out of your comfort zone.
• Learn to say “no”, stop apologizing for your opinion, and ask for what you want.
• Learning from rejection. 


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