Transparency, Accountability, Governance (TAG) Committee


  1. To advise and assist AMCHAM T&T in identifying policy and procedural gaps in its internal governance
  2. To advise and assist with the review and development of policies as the need arises
  3. To periodically review AMCHAM T&T’s codes of conduct and make recommendations for their improvement
  4. To advise and assist in ensuring compliance with AMCHAM T&T’s codes of conduct as requested by the Secretariat
  5. To scan the external (national and international) environment and make recommendations for AMCHAM T&T’s public positioning on issues
  6. To conceptualize one Transparency Accountability Governance (TAG) related event per year
  7. To vet membership applications prior to their presentation to the Board

**Members of this committee are appointed by the AMCHAM T&T Board of Directors.