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From time to time we will need feedback from our members on a range of issues. With your feedback and comments, we are better able to represent your interests to the Government and other stakeholders. We thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback and complete our surveys

National Resource Tracker Project

  • AMCHAM T&T’s ARISE Committee in partnership with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) and the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) have joined forces to take steps towards designing a national resource tracker that would aim to streamline resource management and enhance coordination efforts in times of crisis.

    Your input will greatly assist us in ensuring that our country is better prepared to respond efficiently during times of crisis and help shape a robust system that can make a significant difference during times of crisis.

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Revenue Authority Bill 

  • This Bill seeks to provide for the establishment of the Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority (“the Authority”) to replace the Board of Inland Revenue and the Customs and Excise Division.

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Cyber-Crime Bill

  • The Cybercrime Bill 2017 was referred to a Joint Select Committee of Parliament in May. Last week, the Parliament reached out to AMCHAM T&T for comment on the Bill which can be found in the link below. Please provide comments or suggestions on the Bill by Monday 12th June 2017 for consideration and inclusion in AMCHAM T&T's response to the Parliment.

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Employment Injuries Benefits

  • AMCHAM T&T is in the process of reviewing the Draft Policy on Employment Injuries Benefits. When we commented on the proposed Bill in May 2015, we noted that there was need for greater consultation and discussion on the policy direction that the government was attempting to take in this area. To that end, the Ministry of Labour held a consultation session on the topic in April 2017 and have requested comments on the Policy. The Draft Policy document can be viewed at the link below. We have also included presentations from The ILO's Injury Scheme and a presentation on the Workman's Compensation Act. We would appreciate comments by Friday 23rd June, 2017.

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T&T- Mexico Listing

  • At the AGM, we solicited feedback from participants on their interest in preferential trading with Mexico. As a result of this exercise it was noted that 50% of respondents were interested in trading with Mexico, while 67% thought that there was a need for a preferential trading arrangement with that country. We communicated this and other information to the Ministry of Trade and Industry with the hope of soliciting more feedback from our members on specific items that should receive preferential treatment from T&T to Mexico or from Mexico to the T&T market. Please provide your comments on the Proposed Request List in the link below by Friday 30th June 2017

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Fair Trading Act (Competition Law)

  • The Fair Trading Commission gave a presentation to AMCHAM T&T’s Trade and Investment and Legislative Committee, on its desire to pursue the full proclamation of the Fair Trading Act (2006). AMCHAM T&T is soliciting comments on the Act and any areas of concern that members may have in its operationalisation. We would be grateful for your comments by Friday 30th 2017.

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