Derrick Lewis

CEO - Eventology TT

Derrick Lewis holds a baccalaureate degree in marketing & computer science and a masters in international business from Long Island University New York. He is the CEO of Eventology TT and a lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Arthur Lok Jack School of Business in marketing and event management, where he recently developed courses in experiential marketing; virtual, hybrid and live events; and virtual trade shows.

A Caribbean-based industry leader, entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and educator. He is a change-maker at the forefront of the event landscape for over 20 years. Partnering & consulting with governments, private industry and institutions that include UNICEF, Fed Ex, Caribbean Airlines, Nestle, REPSOL, and Tourism organizations. He is the founder of Island People - one of the Caribbean’s foremost brands in entertainment - engineering some of the largest conferences, festivals, sporting and corporate events in the region.