Media Release - Safer Schools For A More Productive Trinidad and Tobago

Safer Schools For A More Productive Trinidad and Tobago


Violence and indiscipline in schools in Trinidad & Tobago has been a perennial issue for government and school administrations. With an increase in the number and severity of violent incidence in schools, many are struggling to come up with credible solutions to stem what has now become an epidemic.

With this in mind, the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad & Tobago (AMCHAM T&T) decided to focus its annual National Youth Productivity Forum (NYPF) on the impact of unsafe school environments on students and the long-term impact it may have on our economy and country. With the chosen theme for the 2019 Forum - "Safer Schools … Towards a More Productive T&T" – AMCHAM T&T launched the program with over 150 students attending the two-day training sessions on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th January 2019 at the Chaguanas Borough Corporation.

AMCHAM T&T believes that discussing this topic is extremely important if our society intends to address bullying and take meaningful steps to end school violence. The forum allows students to discuss among their peer's ways of improving the currently fearful environment they face in the classroom, and the negative impact it has on their concentration and academic performance.

The NYPF demonstrates to the students; interconnectivity between the 4 major stakeholders in society - business, government, labor and civil society. This initiative highlights that the answers do not reside with any one group, but also that no one group is responsible for the problems of Trinidad and Tobago. The Forum goes further to compel students to think critically about solutions to national problems and to look at how these solutions can be implemented. AMCHAM T&T has taken this bold move because we believe that our future leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, and employees must understand their critical role in propelling Trinidad and Tobago forward.

Schools taking part in the various rounds of the competition along with their perspectives are:

East Round: El Dorado East Secondary School – Business; North Gate College - Civil Society 

North Round: St. Joseph Convent, Port of Spain - Civil Society; Woodbrook Secondary School – Labour; Queen's Royal College - Business and Belmont Secondary School - Government

Central Round: Presentation College, Chaguanas - Civil Society; Waterloo Secondary School – Business; A.S.J.A Boys' College, Charlieville - Government and Holy Faith Convent, Couva - Labour

South Round: Cowen Hamilton Secondary - Civil Society; ASJA Girls' College, San Fernando - Government and Palo Seco Secondary School - Business

Tobago Round: Goodwood Secondary School - Civil Society; Goodwood Scouts – Business; Speyside High School - Labour and Pentecostal Light & Life - Government


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