Media Release - AMCHAM T&T Welcomes Further Developments in Venezuela’s Dragon Gas Deal with the U.S. Government


AMCHAM T&T welcomes the progress made on the licensing amendment agreement by the United States at the request of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago which would allow for the joint development of the Dragon gas field project with Venezuela.

We note the continued efforts by Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Keith Rowley and the Hon. Stuart Young, Minister of Energy and Energy Industries who led the engagement on this matter with the U.S. government to advance the operationalization of this project. We also acknowledge the support given to the process by U.S. Ambassador Candace Bond and the team at the Embassy.

We are optimistic that this latest development will lead to several opportunities for our energy sector and will continue to support these efforts in our own engagement with the various arms of the U.S. Government and private sector.

We also take note of and welcome recent, CARICOM supported agreements that could lead to the strengthening of Venezuela’s democracy and, ultimately, full re-integration into hemispheric systems. 

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