Media Release - AMCHAM T&T Supports DPP in Removal of ACIB from Attorney General's Office

AMCHAM T&T Supports DPP in Removal of ACIB from Attorney General's Office


The American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad & Tobago (AMCHAM T&T) joins the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in his call for the removal of responsibility of the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau (ACIB) from the office of the Attorney General to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).

The proper functioning of the ACIB is critical in combatting the scourge of white-collar crime and ensuring that Trinidad & Tobago is a jurisdiction in which the rule of law prevails. To achieve this, corruption among public officials and politically-connected rogue elements of the private sector must be rooted out.

We believe that having the ACIB under a political office does not lend to best practices in the thorough investigation and prosecution of corrupt persons. Regardless of the administration, this situation may allow for political interference and compromise of sensitive investigations.

We, therefore, call on the authorities to review the current policies and procedures related to the ACIB and take the necessary actions to physically and operationally integrate the Bureau into the TTPS.

Moreover, AMCHAM T&T remains unapologetic in our stance against white-collar crime as we believe that its economic and societal impacts can be far costlier than may be perceived. This is evident by Trinidad & Tobago’s less than admirable ranking on the Corruption Perception Index, where the report cites “issues such as bribery, government’s inability to treat with corruption and the unwillingness to report on corruption by citizens” are some of the reasons why we continue to see no improvement in this ranking. Additionally, Trinidad & Tobago’s inclusion in 2017 Global Business Rule of Law and Business Dashboard report showed that Trinidad and Tobago ranked 43rd out of 72 countries across the world

This report measures categories relating to procurement, business regulations and licenses, and judicial impartiality, among many others.

According to AMCHAM T&T President Patricia Ghany, “T&T’s performance in both rankings can be used as tools to measure the country’s attractiveness for investment. AMCHAM T&T is concerned that when we do not take the necessary steps to improve, Trinidad and Tobago may be seen as a less attractive place to do business. In a time when neighboring countries are taking huge steps to improve their attractiveness to investors and creating a more facilitative business environment, we should ensure that we are doing the same. Taking decisive action towards moving the ACIB will show that Trinidad & Tobago is serious about tackling corruption in all aspects of society, thereby inspiring greater confidence that T&T is open for business and that the Government, regardless of party in power, will act fairly and impartially.”


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