Media Release - AMCHAM T&T Promotes Diversity And Inclusion At Annual National Youth Productivity Forum

AMCHAM T&T Promotes Diversity and Inclusion at Annual National Youth Productivity Forum


“No one person or select groups within society should be discriminated against based on gender, geography, sexuality, race, political affiliation and so on.” These were the words of Nirad Tewarie, CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad & Tobago as he delivered remarks at the Opening Ceremony of AMCHAM T&T’s National Youth Productivity Forum (NYPF). Now in its seventh year, the forum was launched at the University of Trinidad & Tobago’s (UTT), Valsayn Campus on Wednesday 27th January, 2016 under the patronage of His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, Anthony Carmona, SC.

The annual event features some of the best and brightest students from diverse geographic regions of T&T, as they seek to critically analyse and discuss societal issues that are of national and global importance. This year’s theme is ‘Diversity…Inclusion … towards a more productive Trinidad and Tobago’ was chosen as AMCHAM T&T believes this topic is pivotal to the sustainable development of Trinidad &Tobago. It is the hope of the organisation that by engaging young people in open and meaningful dialogue, it will enhance their education and understanding of these issues and its implications for our economy.

Mr. Tewarie emphasised “that diversity, inclusion and tolerance” were critical elements to adopt as Trinidad and Tobago is now at an economic crossroads. He stated: “At this juncture in our economy we must focus on being competitive. One means of doing so is to ensure that we are able to embrace everyone in society who is willing and able to contribute.” He noted that increasing the productive capacity needed to bolster T&T’s competitiveness may be hampered if we continue to exclude marginalized groups. These persons may then be forced to depend on state benefits, charity or casual work with marginal remuneration, which in the end does not promote financial independence. He also advocated for the inclusion of all groups in society to participate fully in promoting equality for all.

“I would like to state categorically that we at AMCHAM T&T are of the view that Trade Unions are a partner in development” said Mr. Tewarie. He further stated, “we firmly believe that with sincerity of purpose… and labour can work harmoniously to come up with solutions that would lead to a more competitive and productive Trinidad & Tobago”.

In a display of his dedication to the project and the young people of this nation, President Carmona spent over an hour greeting and chatting individually with each student participating in the forum.

Professor Dyer Narinesingh, President of the University of Trinidad & Tobago in his address promoted the idea that “knowledge is the new natural resource”. He explained this idea by stating that “knowledge fuelled by power and fuelled by imagination in a creative, innovation and entrepreneurial workforce (all of which) will lead to the appreciation of the diversity of our people and the diversification and growth of our economy”.

David Belgrave, CEO of Massy Technologies InfoCom (T&T) Ltd applauded the efforts of the teachers and the students over the years, as he has seen first-hand the growth of the students during program. He urged the business community to support programs like the NYPF and to heed the messages of diversity and inclusion.

The model of the NYPF, which targets students between the ages of 16 to 18 years in all secondary schools in the country, is multifaceted and comprises of Discussion Rounds, an Online Component, a School’s Business Project and Internships during the July/August vacation. 

The schools participating in this year’s competition are: Queen’s Royal College; St. Joseph’s Convent Port-of-Spain; Holy Name Convent, Port-of-Spain; Woodbrook Secondary School; Eldorado East Secondary School; Arima Central Secondary School; Toco Secondary School; Coryal Secondary School; Cowen Hamiliton Secondary School; ASJA Girls College, San Fernando; Shiva Boys Hindu College, San Fernando; Presentation College, Chaguanas; Waterloo Secondary School; Trinity College, Moka and ASJA Boys College, Chaguanas.

Sponsors for this year’s National Youth Productivity Forum include Platinum sponsors First Citizens and Ezone, other sponsors G-TECH, EOG Resources, and ABT Engineers and Constructors Limited. Partners include UTT, Massy Technologies Limited, YTEPP Limited, and The Trinidad & Tobago National Commission for UNESCO.


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