Media Release - AMCHAM T&T Calls For The Protection Of All Workers Against Harassment and Victimization

AMCHAM T&T Calls For The Protection Of All Workers Against Harassment and Victimization


The American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad & Tobago (AMCHAM T&T) renews its call for the protection of all workers against gender-based violence, sexual harassment, and victimization in any form.

We continue to be unapologetic in our stance for the creation of a society where everyone, irrespective of their gender can be safe: safe to work, safe to play, and safe to speak up. 

As issues of Sexual Harassment and Employee Victimization continue to take center stage in the media internationally, we believe that this can create a tipping point for us locally. AMCHAM T&T believes that all leaders in the public and private sectors have a part to play to ensure that workplace policies are unambiguous, definitive, clearly communicated, and strictly observed. We must make certain that anyone who steps forward to report sexual harassment is protected against victimization. There should always be an open and safe place for women and men to come forward with their allegations. In the same vein, we also believe that all parties (the accused and the accuser) must have a right to a fair, unbiased, and thorough investigation.

Activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, once stated that “There are times when silence becomes an accomplice to injustice.” As such, AMCHAM T&T remains committed to raising our voices to highlight this issue. In 2015, we partnered with the United Nations Population Fund in Trinidad & Tobago to help bring greater awareness to the business community on the topic of Sexual Harassment as well as other gender-based issues. Since then, we have continued to highlight our concerns in various fora, including our annual Women’s Leadership Conference, and through partnership with various agencies such as Men Against Domestic Violence and One Caribbean Media in the “Leave She Alone” campaign.

AMCHAM T&T would also like to commend every individual who has had the courage to step forward and speak of their experiences, as well as those who provide a sensitive and supportive environment to encourage the same.


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