WILMP - Mentorship Framework

Women in Leadership Mentorship Programme (WILMP)

Mentorship Framework

In a recent paper analysing data available for 70,000 publicly listed companies worldwide, when it came to Caribbean companies, it reported that an average of 18% of board members and 29% of executives are women.[1] Furthermore, according to the latest World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report, there still remains a gender gap of 22% for executive level positions and a wage equality gender gap of 36% in Trinidad and Tobago.[2] This data coupled with the under-representation of women in certain fields in the country has been the impetus for the creation of a mentorship program targeted at mid to senior-level professional women who hold great potential for leadership.

This mentorship program will seek to pair mentees with senior regional/international professionals within their respective fields. The main objectives of the program will be to: 1) facilitate meaningful professional relationships where both mentors and mentees benefit from mutual knowledge-sharing and engagement; and 2) provide mentees with the necessary guidance in their respective fields that can aid in their career progression to a more senior-level. The program will be done on a phased approach with the first phase being open to a very limited pool of applicants and the program itself will run for six months.

The pilot project will target women in AMCHAM T&T member companies who are involved in the fields of:

Economics (2 persons)

Science and Technology (1 person)

Information and Technology (2 persons)

The application period runs from Thursday 13th April, 2017 to Wednesday 10th May 2017.

To be eligible, the applicants must be an employee of an AMCHAM T&T member company. They must submit a completed Mentee application form, their CV, and two professional recommendations. Prospective mentees must ensure that they have sufficient time needed to fully take advantage of the opportunity during the six month period, as they are expected to actively participate in agreed upon mentoring activities. It is recommended that you meet with your mentor at least once every one or two weeks. However, the frequency and method of communication will be determined by the mentor and mentee.

Selection process

Candidates will be shortlisted by Thursday 25th May, 2017. The shortlisted candidates will then be required to participate in a brief interview. The final selection will be announced on Monday 12th June 2017.

You can download the application form below, and application should be emailed to franciscahector@amchamtt.com. For further information please contact 622-4466 ext.228

Mentee Application Form

[1] Abrahams, Scott, Luca Flabbi and Claudia Piras. 2016. Female Corporate Leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean Region: Representation and Firm-Level Outcomes. Working Paper No. IDB-WP-655. Washington, DC: Inter-American Development Bank.

[2] World Economic Forum. 2016. The Global Gender Gap Report: 2016.

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