CEO CONVERSATIONS with Dominic Rampersad, Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd.

Good morning Ladies and gentlemen,

I am Patricia Ghany, President of AMCHAM T&T and it is indeed a great pleasure for me to welcome you to our second CEO Conversations with Mr Dominic Rampersad, President of Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited and Director at the Unit Trust Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago and AMCHAM T&T.

AMCHAM T&T will be hosting our 24th Annual Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) Conference and Exhibition on October 19th through October 23rd and we thought what better way to get you ready for the Conference than through this fun and interactive series of CEO Conversations.

Our hardworking HSE Committee developed this Webinar series with the aim of providing you (our audience) an opportunity to learn from the insights of some of the country's most prominent CEOs who are leading our nation’s largest and most innovative companies.

Right now, we are all facing tremendous burdens associated with the community spread of the COVID-19 virus. Many of us are struggling as we try to navigate a healthy work-life balance, stay safe and protect our businesses and loved ones. This period undeniably calls for strong leadership and cooperation from everyone to do what is right and responsible.

At AMCHAM T&T, we have spent 24 years promoting HSSE excellence in business and in our wider society. Today, we are seeing firsthand the major importance of health and safety on our businesses and society, particularly as it relates to the lives of our employees and citizens. That’s one of the major reasons why we felt we needed to host this year’s conference.  We must support each other even if that means doing it at a distance. Therefore, I am proud to announce that this year’s conference is 100% VIRTUAL because we must stay safe and maintain social distancing.

But I also want to reassure you that "virtual" doesn’t mean you will be losing out on any of the fantastic content from our past live Conferences. In fact, if you noticed, the dates this year have been extended to five days – that’s three more days of exceptional content, dynamic speakers, interactive exhibition booths, and opportunities to network and make those important business contacts. And the good news is, you don’t have to wait in long lines to enter the Conference this year. Yes, digital transformation as its best!

I believe the goal this time around shouldn’t be to just flatten the curve but to crush the curve, once and for all! It’s usually in our most difficult moments we see the greatest displays of humanity by our citizens. When we are all facing the same challenges and roadblocks, we see normal everyday citizens stepping up to the plate and showing strength, courage and compassion. This speaks to the resilience of our citizens and our nation. And that’s why this year we felt that word: RESILIENCE would make an appropriate theme for this year’s Conference. We cannot wait to welcome you! We have an excellent line-up of speakers waiting to greet you this year and REGISTRATION is now open so PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.AMCHAMTT.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Before we begin our conversation, I would like to thank our HSE Committee for their hard work and continued commitment they have shown with these Webinars and our Conference. I also would like to say thank you to our sponsors:

·        Our Platinum Sponsors: The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC); bpTT; and Shell

·        Our Gold Sponsor: Nu Iron, Trinidad and Tobago

·        And also, a special thank you to our Title Sponsor – AtlanticLNG who have once more agree to partner with us as we continue to promote leadership and excellence in everything HSSE through our upcoming Conference and Exhibition.

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