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This signature AMCHAM T&T event commemorates International Women’s Day annually.

At AMCHAM T&T, we recognize the importance of highlighting women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements as we acknowledge their critical role in achieving positive change in all aspects of life in Trinidad & Tobago. We believe that by highlighting practical examples of women in leadership and providing an avenue for open discussion, we will identify and play a role in dismantling some of the barriers to gender parity.

This year’s IWD theme   #InspireInclusion     is meant to collectively forge a more inclusive world for women. We can do this by inspiring others to understand and value women’s inclusion in all aspects of our society. Therefore, organizations, groups, and individuals around the world must play a part in their communities, workplaces, homes, and beyond to ensure that women feel a greater sense of belonging,  relevance, and empowerment.

We can achieve this when we Inspire Inclusion to challenge gender stereotypes, call out discrimination, and draw attention to bias. We can go a step further to forge women’s economic empowerment through recruiting, retaining, and developing female talent and supporting women and girls in leadership,   decision-making, business, and STEM.

Let’s   #InspireInclusion   of women in all spaces by truly embracing the diversity of race, age, ability, faith, body image, and how they identify to show solidarity and help forge a more inclusive world.

The AMCHAM T&T’s Women’s Leadership Conference celebrates the achievements of women in our society and around the world and helps us #InspireInclusion to make a difference in the lives of women and girls everywhere. This Conference is a highly anticipated event that attracts more than 300 C-Suite Executives, emerging leaders, middle managers, and entrepreneurs from all ethnicities, professions, and social backgrounds, locally and internationally, and men who support them.



Stuart Franco

Stuart Franco (President - AMCHAM T&T) delivered the Official Welcome Remarks at the Opening Ceremony at WLC 2024. 

Her Excellency Christine Carla Kangaloo

Her Excellency Candace A. Bond (U.S. Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago) delivered the Keynote Address at the Opening Ceremony at WLC 2024.

Karen Abraham

Karen Abraham (Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, Caribbean South and East at Scotiabank) delivered the Sponsor Remarks.

Gillian Chevrotiere

Gillian Chevrotiere (Senior Manager, People, Leadership and Culture at NGC) delivered the Sponsor Remarks.

Melissa Pierre & Hema Son Son

Melissa Pierre (Senior Trade & Policy Specialist at AMCHAM T&T) and Hema Son Son (Accountant at AMCHAM T&T) were the official Master of Ceremonies at the Opening Ceremony at WLC 2024.


INCLUSION MATTERS: #InspireInclusion

Being included in the workplace means more than just having a physical presence; it involves creating an environment where every individual feels valued, heard, and respected, regardless of their gender, background, or any other characteristic. Hear from experts and leaders who have invested in inclusion policies to empower women while helping men to become better supportive allies. 

This session addressed the following issues:
• Create an inclusive workforce by eliminating tokenism, unconscious bias, stereotypes, and harassment. 
• Take steps to foster inclusive teams and leadership styles to establish trust, value, and acceptance. 
• Understand the rules that would create space for genuine dialogue, open communication, and feedback from employees.  
• Engage male allies to be stronger advocates for gender equity and inclusion.

UNTIE THE KNOTS – Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word

The famous quote from the 2023 film, Barbie “I’m just so tired of watching myself and every single other woman tie herself into knots so that people will like us,” expresses the pressures that women often feel to conform to societal expectations and seek approval at the expense of chasing their ambitions. 

Research has shown that ambition culturally is seen as a positive trait in men but criticized in women. In this session, we will examine how we can untangle the knots to ensure that ambition in women is no longer seen as a dirty word. 

This session addressed the following issues: 
• Steps to reclaim and reframe ambition to build happier, more successful careers while navigating societal expectations. 
• Identify policies for organizations to promote and elevate women. 
• Tips to invest in oneself to develop new skills and build networks of like-minded ambitious people. 
• The importance of having both empowering male and female mentors in aligning career goals in pursuing leadership.


Research shows that a toxic workplace — including harassment, bullying, and ostracism — is a significant source of psychological strain for women and can lead to high levels of stress and burnout.
This session addressed the following issues: 
• The importance of building psychologically safe workplaces to empower women. 
• Understanding work-life balance – learning to say no, communicate boundaries to unplug, and investing in strong nurturing relationships. 
• Learning how to manage stress, anxiety and burnout. 
• Handling criticism to achieve personal growth. 
• Overcoming fears, self-limiting beliefs, and rejection to forge meaningful relationships with ourselves and colleagues. 


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