Snapshots of AMCHAM T&T Hard at Work on Behalf of our Members


Nirad Tewarie (CEO-AMCHAM T&T) joined Dr. the Honourable Nyan Gadsby-Dolly (Minister of Education) at a Breakfast Meeting entitled “Education is Good Business” which was hosted by the Ministry of Education on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre.

At the event, Mr. Tewarie was featured in a panel discussion with other representatives from the business, energy, and banking sectors to explore the topic: "Measuring the Impact of the Investment." The discussion centered on bringing together both business and energy companies to enhance opportunities for partnership in educational transformation. 

The Breakfast meeting with business leaders is part of the MoE's outreach campaign under the theme, “Education is everyone’s Business” which facilitates information sharing and stakeholder engagement on the successful implementation of the Education Policy 2023-2027.


AMCHAM T&T CEO - Nirad Tewarie participated in the panel session, themed 'Regional Integration - Enabling the Green Energy Future,' on the final day of the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference titled ‘Accelerating Action'. The session featured Mr. Anthony N. Sabga III, Group CEO of ANSA McAL Limited; Mr. Michael Savarin, Coordinator of Climate Finance and Green Industrial Development at the Ministry of Finance, Government of Dominica; Mr. Kishan Kumarsingh, Head of Multilateral Environmental Agreements at the Ministry of Planning and Development; Mr. Philip Julien, Chairman of Kenesjay Green Limited; and Dr. Dax Driver, President & CEO of the Energy Chamber. 

Melissa Pierre, Senior Trade and Policy Specialist (AMCHAM T&T) attended the Tourism Futures: Resilience, Sustainability  and Development" Workshop on February 7th, 2024 in Kingston, Jamaica where she met with Mr. Masato Takamatsu  (President of Tourism Resilience Japan & ARISE lead for Japan) and interacted with colleagues throughout the region who shared the common vision of a stronger and more resilient private and public sector across our respective nations. 

The workshop and roundtable discussion which were hosted by the Japan International Cooperation Agenda (JICA) and the Global Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management Centre (GTRCM) provided an in-dept analysis of the current challenges facing the tourism industry while exploring new approaches to creating a more sustainable and resilient tourism sector that benefits both people and planet.