CEO's Message

Embrace Equity

LINKAGE Q1 (2023) - Woman's Leadership: Embrace Equity

Advancing opportunities for women to lead and succeed in every aspect of society is a responsibility we must all share. This requires us to become better partners and allies to create a more equitable world for every citizen. That's why this year's IWD theme: Embrace Equity is very timely and relevant because it requires tapping into our own sphere of influence and enacting the changes needed to achieve equity and equality.

In the workplace, embracing equity translates to how we treat and deal with issues of harassment and discrimination. Creating a safe, empowering, and inclusive work environment requires clear and established anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies that set appropriate standards and expectations for behavior. Therefore, every organization must have a clear statement that shows its commitment to enacting policies that maintain respect for human rights while fostering equality and inclusion. 

Today, a lot more is expected of leaders who have a collective responsibility to create the cultural shift needed to ensure women and girls feel safe, seen, heard, and respected to advance equality. 

A lot of this transcends beyond the boundaries of the workplace and into our homes, schools, and communities where men play an important role. Men must realize that we have the power – indeed the responsibility - to transform how society views and treats the opposite sex. Therefore, let's start by redefining our own definitions of masculinity, leading more with emotional intelligence when dealing with conflicts, and challenging the gender bias, discrimination, and stereotypes wherever we seem them manifest. This could include encouraging men to show healthy emotions and seek support for past traumas. 

What I have found useful to build this change comes from using the word "REMEMBERS" as an acronym. I’ll use this to share some of my specific thoughts on the subject with you.



Respect Everyone's Differences: This includes both women and men and non-binary persons.
Ensure Equality: If I can’t do it for one person because of gender, I do it for none.
Mindful of Individual Circumstances: I Try my best to make people comfortable to share so I can take individual circumstances into account.
Encourage Participation: If I see a woman hanging back, I try to ask a question or do something to bring her into the conversation.
Mentor and Coach: Mentor and coach.
Back Your Team: Have your team's back, call out Misogyny & Sexism.
Engage Actively: Listen and be open to the fact that you may need to change your perspective.
Real: Don’t be inauthentic or a predator.
Support in groups, meetings: Give credit and repeat comments, suggestions, and ideas from females