AmCham Guyana

By Devindra Kissoon - President of AmCham Guyana

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T he discovery of substantial oil reserves off the coast of Guyana has opened up unprecedented opportunities for economic growth and development in the country. As Guyana emerges as a key player in the global oil industry, collaboration between countries and business organizations becomes vital for harnessing these opportunities effectively. In this context, Amcham Guyana and AmCham Trinidad, through its President Ms. Toni Sirju-Ramnarine, have forged a strong partnership to foster economic ties, promote investment, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

AmCham Guyana recognizes the significance of developing strong bilateral relations between Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. These neighboring countries share historical, cultural, and economic ties, making them natural partners in the pursuit of mutual growth and prosperity. With Trinidad and Tobago possessing decades of experience in the oil and gas sector, AmCham Guyana can benefit from the expertise and knowledge that its counterpart brings to the table.

One of our primary goals in collaborating with AmCham Trinidad is the exchange of knowledge and capacity building. Through various workshops, seminars, and networking events, both chambers facilitate the transfer of industry best practices, technological advancements, and regulatory frameworks. Such initiatives help local businesses in Guyana gain valuable insights into the oil and gas sector, enabling them to participate more effectively in the supply chain and explore potential investment opportunities.

We also aspire to jointly promote investment opportunities in Guyana's burgeoning oil and gas sector. By leveraging their networks and connections, both chambers can actively engage with potential investors from the United States and beyond, encouraging them to explore the vast potential that Guyana offers. This collaboration will serve as a catalyst for attracting foreign direct investment, which is crucial for infrastructure development, job creation, and the overall diversification of Guyana's economy.

To foster greater commercial ties, we look forward to collaborating with Amcham Trinidad to organize trade missions and business matchmaking events. These initiatives bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and key stakeholders from both countries, facilitating meaningful connections and fostering business partnerships. By promoting dialogue and establishing a platform for collaboration, these events create a favorable environment for joint ventures and cross-border trade.

Naturally, the collaboration between AmCham Guyana and AmCham Trinidad extends beyond business and investment opportunities. Both chambers actively engage with governments and policymakers, advocating for policies and regulations that promote a conducive business environment. By presenting a unified voice on key issues, we can ensure that the concerns and interests of the business community are effectively communicated and addressed.

Both chambers also no doubt recognize the importance of sustainable development in the wake of Guyana's oil discovery, promoting responsible business practices and fostering environmental stewardship. Through knowledge-sharing initiatives, together we can facilitate the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies and practices, ensuring that Guyana's oil sector operates in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

We very much look forward to collaborative efforts between AmCham Guyana and AmCham Trinidad. By building bridges, facilitating knowledge exchange, promoting investment, and fostering sustainable development, both chambers can contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of Guyana and Trinidad alike. As the partnership between these chambers continues to strengthen, we can expect enhanced economic cooperation, increased job opportunities, and a brighter future for both countries.