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 AMCHAM T&T's 2nd Annual ESG Conference embraces ESG measures to enhance corporate reputation, strengthen operational resilience, and drive profitability so that organizations can demonstrate tangible social impact and sustainable growth.

At AMCHAM T&T we recognize the importance of bringing awareness to various issues that arise within the ESG circle. Our goal is to encourage more businesses to adopt practices and policies that will be beneficial for the environment, become innovative leaders in their fields, and make more socially conscious decision-making. We believe that by highlighting practical examples of ESG and providing an avenue for open discussion, we will identify and play a role in dismantling some of the barriers to ESG. 

Participants can look forward to: internationally recognized speakers, engaging conference content, dynamic change leadership talks, and exciting networking opportunities.


Nirad Tewarie

Nirad Tewarie (CEO - AMCHAM T&T) delivered the Official Welcome Remarks at the Opening Ceremony at ESG 2024. 

Giselle Thompson

Giselle Thompson (Head of communications and advocacy & vice president - corporate operations - bp) delivered the TITLE Sponsor Remarks.

Regina Bakhteeva

Regina Bakhteeva (Head of Trinidad and Tobago Satellite Office with the UN World Food Programme in the Caribbean region) delivered the UN Partner Remarks.

Stuart Franco

Stuart Franco (President of AMCHAM T&T) was the official Master of Ceremonies at the Opening Ceremony at ESG 2024.


Karl George

Karl George (Partner and Head of Governance at RSM) delivered the Keynote Address at the Opening Ceremony at ESG 2024.

Dr. Amy Diehl

Dr. Amy Diehl (Author | Glass Walls: Shattering the Six Gender Bias Barriers Still Holding Women Back at Work) delivered the Keynote Address at the Closing Ceremony at ESG 2024.

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The Role of the Private Sector in Building a Regional Sustainability Framework 

Indu Sharma - Chair | AMCHAM T&T's ESG Commitee & Co-Founder & Consultant | Q.E.D. Consulting Limited moderated the session with Featured Speaker Racquel Moses - UNFCCC Global Ambassador & Chief Executive Officer at the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator on the important topic: "The Role of the Private Sector in Building a Regional Sustainability Framework".

Panel Discussion
ESG Reporting: Where We Are and Where We Are Going

Our ESG thought leaders provided expert analysis on how the current ESG reporting standards and frameworks have evolved and the methodologies and technologies needed to improve the overall ESG regulatory landscape at AMCHAM T&T's 2nd Annual ESG Conference - The Time Is Now: ESG in Action.

Special Thanks to our SPEAKERS:
• Omar Mohammed – Chief Executive Officer | The Cropper Foundation
• Nigel Sabga – Head of Investments | ANSA Merchant Bank
• Kishan Kumarsingh – Head, Multilateral Environmental Agreements | Ministry of Planning and Development
• Hayden Romano – Managing Director | Environmental Management Authority
• Matthew Jardim – Sustainability & ESG Manager | Nestlé 
• Melissa Pierre – Senior Trade & Policy Specialist | AMCHAM T&T (MODERATOR)

A Roadmap to S1 Compliance

Arnaud Van Dijk - Partner at KPMG (Cayman Islands) & Deputy Head of ESG  at KPMG Islands Group AND Staci Scott - Director at KPMG (Cayman Islands) delivered a Feature Presentation on the topic: A Roadmap to S1 Compliance.

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Panel Discussion
Getting the “G” right  

We were happy to feature an all-FEMALE panel of highly respected and qualified women for the "Getting the 'G' Right" session at AMCHAM T&T's 2nd Annual ESG Conference - The Time is Now: ESG in Action. 
This session looked at the evolving role of corporate governance in ESG implementation, addressing stakeholder interests and managing societal expectations. Our dynamic and influential speakers shared impactful insights on how emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain will impact governance practices and the importance of building a culture of integrity and ethics through public sector regulation and management to address challenges and potential opportunities in “Getting the ‘G’ Right”.

Thanks To Our SPEAKERS
• Carina Cockburn – Country Representative | Inter-American Development Bank 
• Kathryna Baptiste Assee – Group General Counsel/Corporate Secretary | Angostura Limited
• Rachael Johnson – Head of Risk Management and Corporate Governance, Policy and Insights | ACCA UK
• Beverly S. Khan – Procurement Regulator and Chairman | The Office of Procurement Regulation
• Suzanne Persaud – Regional HSE&C Manager Trinidad & Tobago | bp
• Rachel Welch-Phillips – 1st Vice Chair | AMCHAM T&T's ESG Committee & Head of Legal and Compliance for the Banking Sector | The ANSA McAL Group (MODERATOR)

Sustain U (Presentation and Panel Discussion)

This session featured:

  • Introduction to Sustain-U Platform.
  • Panel Discussion and Q&A.
  • Exploration of how local organizations can be key drivers of the behaviour change required to accelerate regional sustainable development.
  • Demonstration of the Sustain-U Platform.

Special Thanks to our SPEAKERS:

  • Chike Farrell - CEO | Caribbean Ideas Group
  • Keith London - Managing Director | Caribbean Ideas Academy
  • Tracey Weekes - Manager, Financial & Strategic Investments | The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited
  • Hamlyn Holder - Site Reliability Engineer | Methanex

Panel Discussion
Making an Impact 

Our esteemed panel of speakers shared the good work their respective organizations were doing around sustainability measures transforming communities and cultures in the session that focused on "Making an Impact". This session addressed how organizations can leverage the importance of cultural heritage to drive sustainable social impact initiatives through better collaboration and innovation.

Special Thanks To Our SPEAKERS:
• Dr. the Honourable Nyan Gadsby Dolly Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly – Minister of Education | Ministry of Education - TT
• Valmiki Maharaj – Caribbean Creative Innovator
• Tova Satnarine-White – Radio & GM Tech Commercial Manager – Trinidad and Tobago & Guyana | Guardian Media
• Mark Thomas – Development Coordination Officer (Partnerships and Development Finance) | United Nations Resident Coordinator Office for Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten
• Nirad Tewarie – CEO | AMCHAM T&T (Moderator)


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