AGM 2024 - 2026
Board Nominations

Stuart Franco

    Chief Executive Officer
Trinidad Systems Limited (The TSL Group)

Stuart Franco currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of The TSL Group of companies. He holds the distinction of being the youngest member of the board of directors, having risen to the position of Executive Vice President in 2011.

With a B.A. in Statistics & Economics from the University of Western Ontario, Stuart joined TSL in 2003 as a Sales Representative. Throughout his tenure, he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to delivering exceptional service and fostering strong client relationships. Advancing through various roles, Stuart eventually assumed the position of Sales Manager before becoming Executive Vice President of Sales, successfully navigating the company through challenging market conditions.

Beyond his professional responsibilities, Stuart is deeply involved in community service, serving on the board of directors of the TSL Foundation. Over the past few years, he has spearheaded several meaningful projects aimed at enhancing the well-being of the communities within TSL's reach.

In his current role, Stuart is dedicated to strengthening TSL's presence in both the local and wider Regional Caribbean ICT arena, building upon the company's reputation for excellence and innovation.

Outside of work, Stuart values his roles as a devoted husband and father to four children. He's an avid sports enthusiast, with a particular fondness for football. Stuart prioritizes family time and extends this value to his team, encouraging them to do the same.

Stuart's visionary leadership has recently propelled TSL to new heights through strategic partnerships, solidifying the company's position as a frontrunner in the regional ICT landscape.