Key Government Ministries

Office of the Prime Minister
The Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Prime Minister
Senator the Honourable Rodger Samuel, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister
The Honourable Collin Partap, Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister
Ms. Sandra Marchack, Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister and Head of the
Public Service
13-15 St. Clair Avenue, St. Clair, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 622-1625 Fax: (868) 622-0055

Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism
The Honourable Winston Peters, Minister
The Honourable Nela Khan, Parliamentary Secretary
51-55 Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain
Tel: (868) 625-8519
Division of Gender Affairs, 8 Queen’s Park East, Port-of-Spain
Tel: (868) 625-3012 / 3112 ext 166/167 Fax: (868) 627-8303 / 5954

Ministry of the Attorney General
Senator the Honourable Anand Ramlogan, Minister
Ms. Margaret Farray, Permanent Secretary
Cabildo Chambers, Corner St. Vincent Street & Sackville Street, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-1449/7010 Fax: (868) 625-6530

Ministry of Community Development
The Honourable Nizam Baksh, Minister
Mrs. Angella Jack, Permanent Secretary
ALGICO Building, Jerningham Avenue, Belmont
Tel: (868) 623-6621 Fax: (868) 627-5954

Ministry of Educat ion
Dr. The Honourable Tim Gopeesingh, Minister
The Honourable Clifton De Coteau, Minister of State
Mr. Maurice Suite, Permanent Secretary
18 Alexandra Street, St. Clair
Tel: (868) 628-8931, 622-5265 Fax: (868) 622-4892

Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries
Senator The Honourable Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan, Minister
Mr. Leroy Mayers – Permanent Secretary
Tower C Energy Trinidad and Tobago International Waterfront Centre
1 Wrightson Road, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-6708 Fax: (868) 627-1486

Ministry of Finance
The Honourable Winston Dookeran, Minister
Ms. Alison Lewis, Permanent Secretary
Mr. Vishnu Dhanpaul, Permanent Secretary
Ms. Marlene Juman, Permanent Secretary
Level 8, Eric Williams Finance Building, Independence Square, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 627-9700 Fax: (868) 627-6108

Ministry of Fod Production, Land and Marine Resources
Dr. the Honourable Vasant Bharath, Minister
Ms. Edwina Leacock, Permanent Secretary
St. Clair Circle, St. Clair, Port of Spain
Tel 1: (868) 622-1221/5 Tel 2: (868) 5481/7 Fax: (868) 622-8202

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dr. The Honourable Surujrattan Rambachan, Minister
Ms. Margaret Parillon, Permanent Secretary
PowerGen Building, 6A Queen’s Park West, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-4116-9 Fax: (868) 623-5853

Ministry of Health
Senator The Honourable Therese Baptiste-Cornelis, Minister
Mrs. Sandra Jones, Permanent Secretary
Ms. Gemma Marcus, Permanent Secretary (Ag)
63 Park Street, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-9119 Fax: (868) 623-9528

Ministry of Housing and the Environment
Dr. The Honourable Roodal Moonilal, Minister
46 South Quay, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-4663 Fax: (868) 625-2793

Ministry of Information
Ms. Jennifer Jones, Permanent Secretary (Ag)
Levels 6 Nicholas Tower, 63-65 Independence Square, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-1933 Fax: (868) 624-4534

Ministry of Justice
The Honourable Herbert Volney, Minister
Mr. Reynold Cooper, Permanent Secretary
Level 16, Eric Williams Finance Building, Independence Square, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 627-9700

Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro Enterprises
The Honourable Errol McLeod, Minister
Ms. Roslyn Khan-Cummings
Permanent Secretary
Level 11, Riverside Plaza, Cor. Besson & Piccadilly Streets, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-4241/6 Fax: (868) 624-4091

Ministry of Legal Affairs
The Honourable Prakash Ramadhar, Minister
The Honourable Jairam Seemungal, Minister of State
Mr. Bernand Sylvester, Permanent Secretary
Registration House, Huggins Building, South Quay, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 627-2784 Fax: (868) 625-7048

Ministry of Local Government
The Honourable Chandresh Sharma, Minister
Ms. Jacqueline Wilson, Permanent Secretary
Kent House, Long Circular Road, Maraval, Port of Spain
Tel : (868) 622-5715 Fax: (868) 622-4783

Ministry of National Security
Senator Brigadier The Honourable John Sandy, Minister
Ms. Jennifer Boucaud-Blake, Permanent Secretary
Temple Court, 31-33 Abercromby Street, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-2441-5 Fax:(868) 627-8044

Ministry of Planning, Economic and Social Restructuring
and Gender Affairs

Senator Dr. Honourable Mary King, Minister
The Honourable Ramona Ramdial, Parliamentary Secretary
Mrs. Veronica Belgrave, Permanent Secretary
Eric Williams Finance Building, Independence Square, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-4308 Fax: (868) 625-2793

Ministry of Public Administration
Senator The Honourable Rudrawatee Nan Ramgoolam
Mrs. Arlene McComie, Permanent Secretary
Level 6, National Library Building, Hart and Abercromby Streets, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-8578 Fax: (868) 623-6027

Ministry of Public Utilities
Senator The Honourable Emmanuel George, Minister
Ms. Jaqueline Ganteaume-Farrell, Permanent Secretary
Sacred Heart Building, 16-18 Sackville Street, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-4853, 625-6781 Fax: (868) 625-7003

Ministry of the People and Social Development
Senator The Honourable Glenn Ramadharsingh, Minister
Ms. Christine Sookram, Permanent Secretary
Ms. Antonia Popplewell, Permanent Secretary
Ansa Building, 69 Independence Square, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-9385 Fax: (868) 627-9879

Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs
The Honourable Anil Roberts, Minister
The Honourable Stacy Roopnarine, Parliamentary Secretary
Ms. Esme Rawlins-Charles, Permanent Secretary
12 Abercromby Street, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 625-5622/4 Fax: (868) 623-5006

Ministry of Technology and Tertiary Education
Senator The Honourable Fazal Karim, Minister
Ms. Margaret Richardson, Permanent Secretary
Cor. Agra & Patna Streets, St. James
Tel: (868) 622-9922 Fax: (868) 622-7640

Ministry of Tobago Development
The Honourable Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
13-15 St. Clair Avenue, St. Clair, Port of Spain

Ministry of Tourism
The Honourable Rupert Griffith, Minister
The Honourable Delmon Baker, Minister of State
Mrs. Melba Dedier, Permanent Secretary
Clarence House, 127-129 Duke Street, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 624-1403 Fax: (868) 625-0437

Ministry of Trade and Industry
The Honourable Stephen Cadiz, Minister
Mr. Carl Francis, Permanent Secretary
Level 17, Nicholas Towers, Independence Square, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-2931 Fax:(868) 623-2934

Ministry of Works and Transport
The Honourable Austin Jack Warner, Minister
The Honourable Rudranath Indarsingh, Minister of State
Ms. Cheryl Blackman, Permanent Secretary
Level 6, Head Office Building, Cor. Richmond & London Streets, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 625-1225 Fax: (868) 625-8070