Special Offer For AMCHAM T&T Members: APEC CEO SUMMIT 2016


As The Pathway to the Americas, AMCHAM T&T has been developing and cultivating our relationships to extend our reach throughout the hemisphere to bring you new business and development opportunities. These efforts continue to bear fruit!

Here is an opportunity which is exclusive to AMCHAM T&T members:

On November 17-19, Peru will host the APEC CEO SUMMIT 2016 : QUALITY GROWTH AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT.

Scheduled to attend are some of the most influential Presidents from all over the globe, such as Presidents:

  • Barack Obama (USA)
  • Vladimir Putin (Russia)
  • Xi Jinping (The People’s Republic of China)
  • Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexico)
  • Joko  Widodo (Indonesia)
  • Michelle Bachelet (Chile)
  • Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia)
  • Mauricio Macri (Argentina)

Also featuring Prime Ministers:

  •  Justin Trudeau (Canada)
  • Lee Hsien Loong (Singapore)
  • Shinzõ Abe (Japan)
  • Malcolm Turnbull (Australia)
  • Peter O’Neill (Papua New Guinea) and
  • John Key (New Zealand)

Also participating in this Summit is:

  •  Mark Zuckerberg – CEO, Facebook
  • Carlos Slim  – Mexican Business Magnate, Investor, and Philanthropist
  • Jack Ma -Chinese Business Magnate and Philanthropist, Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group.

Once you are a member, you can send us the name and passport number of CEOs who wish to attend and, through AMCHAM Peru, we will register you.