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Welcome from the Editor

Desiree Gobin-Seecharan

Desiree-Gobin-SeecharanAs we move into a new year, it is appropriate for businesses to review the operations of the past 12 months and assess the performance of the business; whether it achieved the objectives established, how various challenges were overcome, lessons learnt and how the decisions taken affected the performance of the organisation, to name a few. This type of introspection coupled with an assessment of the business environment is key to making new plans and projections to fulfil a company’s mandate to operate profitably, efficiently and sustainably.

In 2012, the Board of Directors of AMCHAM T&T commenced a strategic review of the organisation to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our members and add value to their businesses given the changing and challenging business environment in which we operate. The approach was consultative in nature as we sought the views of key stakeholders. The outcome was an affirmation of our mission to promote trade and investment between Trinidad and Tobago and the Americas. The difference, however, will be in the manner in which this mission will be pursued, the structures that will be established to facilitate this mission and the activities that we will engage in! We will welcome your continued collaboration in this regard. We are currently in the midst of developing and fine-tuning the implementation plans for the achievement of our mission which we hope to unveil by the end of the first quarter of 2013. We look forward to the support and participation of all of our members as we re-energise, re-align and transform AMCHAM T&T …”Your Pathway to the Americas”.

As you peruse this issue of Linkage I encourage you to think strategically about your industry, new communication and technology, the current markets and potential markets and of course to think outside the box as you refine your plans and goals for 2013 and beyond.

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