Rules for the AMCHAM T&T National Youth Productivity Forum

E-Forum Discussions

The E-Forum Discussion is one way students can actively participate in the NYPF. All discussions will take place on the NYPF Facebook page and each fortnight AMCHAM T&T will award 2 students prizes for active participation.

All Posts must be made in Standard English

  • Active participation will be determined by the quality and quantity of responses of each student- that is, students must not only offer 2 to 3 well researched paragraphs in response to the questions posed by the AMCHAM T&T Secretariat, but s/he must also respond to comments made by other students to advance the discussion(s). AMCHAM T&T recommends that students cite sources when responding to questions or comments
  • Students are also encouraged to upload videos and/or pictures that are relevant to the topic (these must first be reviewed by the AMCHAM T&T Secretariat). All pictures and videos will form part of the material submitted and will be eligible for a prize.

Additionally, students who are deemed as actively participating will be asked a question about the sponsor of that particular prize. Students will have 48 hours to correctly respond in order to be one of the fortnightly winners.

E.g. If a student has responded to the question posed by the AMCHAM T&T Secretariat in two well researched paragraphs citing sources, and has responded to other comments made by students in the facebook network, then the student will receive an alert that s/he must answer the sponsor question. If the sponsor of the prize is AMCHAM T&T, then the question will be one based on that company, for example how many AMCHAMs are there in the Caribbean and Latin America? Once the correct answer is obtained, the student will be contacted via email to make arrangements for a courier to drop off the prize at his/her school

Please note AMCHAM T&T reserves the right to adjust the rules and criteria, at any point in time and the updated rules will be made available on the AMCHAM T&T website at www.amchamtt.com/NationalYouthForum/ after notification on theFacebook page.

Further, all videos and pictures must be reviewed by AMCHAM T&T before they can be posted on Facebook. AMCHAM T&T will remove any material that is defamatory, offensive or irrelevant.

Additional prizes can be given out at any point in time during the E-Forum. You are urged to check frequently and participate.