Integrating HSSE & Business: A Formula For Development


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Welcome from the Editor

Desiree Gobin-Seecharan

Desiree-Gobin-SeecharanAs we approach 2009 and everything quiets down allow me to reflect on the past year. There is little doubt that 2008 has been productive and successful for us here at AMCHAM T&T and we hope it has also been for you as well.

Of all the activities we undertook this year, the most ambitious and unusual was the hosting of the AACCLA Business Future of the Americas Conference and Mid-Year Meeting, all the while maintaining our monthly meetings and our hallmark Conferences. I am happy to report that with the support of our members all of these were completed successfully and the feedback we received from you indicated that you were very appreciative of our efforts as these meetings were not only educational
but also allowed you to assess some of the risks with which we are challenged within our environment. This conference also had the added value of offering business and social networking opportunities at a very senior level with not only business executives from local companies but also companies representing the 23 AMCHAMs from 21 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as with expert speakers from across the Americas.

In this issue of Linkage we are pleased to bring you highlights of two of our signature Conferences – the 8th Annual Trade and Investment Globalisation Conference – “Imperatives for Success in a Volatile Global Environment” and the 12th Annual HSSE Conference “Integrating HSSE & Business – A Formula for Development” to which this issue of the Linkage is dedicated. While the forth quater of Linkage is usually devoted to matters of an HSSE nature, the current global financial and economic crisis is of such significance that we have devoted some of this magazine to matters of a financial nature. It is our hope that the contents will prove to be edifying and of assistance in your business deliberations.

That said; 2008 was another milestone year for AMCHAM T&T. With the support of our member companies we were able to bring our members and the local business community many educational events and opportunities for business networking and trade. The success of these events were a collaborative effort of our management, staff, committees and in many instances our corporate sponsors. So I would like to recognize AMCHAM’s Major Sponsors of 2008:-

• Algico • IPSL • Arcellor Mittal
• Kaizen Environmental • Pt. Lisas Nitrogen • TSTT
• Atlantic LNG • Methanex • Schlumberger
• Baker Hughes • NGC • Scotiabank
• BG • Nu-Iron • Suez LNG
• bpTT • PCS Nitrogen • The TSL Group
• Citi • Petrotrin
• Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited
• Tourism Development Authority
• Ministry of Trade and Development

I thank you all & Look forward to working with you in 2009!

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