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Welcome from the Editor

Desiree Gobin-Seecharan

Desiree-Gobin-SeecharanAfter a year of changes, AMCHAM is finally fully staffed! Two young ladies joined AMCHAM during the first Quarter of 2007.

Melissa Pierre, our new Trade and Communications Officer, joined us in January 2007 and has jumped right into the fray, following up on various trade initiatives (you will be hearing more about this as the months go by) and of course working on Linkage. In fact, she has done a great job with her first issue of Linkage and we look forward to more of the same in the future. Take a read of the articles and I am sure you will agree.

Our HSSE Officer Céline Lestrade is brand new, as she joined us on March 1st, but like Melissa, Céline has gotten down to business and is focussing on her big project for 2007 – the 11th Annual HSSE Conference and Exhibition scheduled for September 17th – 20th 2007. This is just one of the activities that she will be working on this year and we have great expectations.

In 2007 greater emphasis will be placed on our efforts to stimulate free and fair trade and investment within the Americas and the Caribbean. Certainly, plans are in the making to impact policies and legislation which affect business and trade as well as to improve market access for your goods and services. We will of course make use of the extensive AMCHAM network in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as our affiliations in Washington, D.C. to open doors for you.
I am extremely pleased to have both Melissa and Céline as part of the AMCHAM Secretariat Team; they have both shown great drive and determination to get the job done and have fit right in. Like the rest of the secretariat, board and committees, they too are committed to attaining our goals in the months ahead.

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