H.S.S.E- Building Organisational Resilience


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Welcome from the Editor

Desiree Gobin-Seecharan

Desiree-Gobin-SeecharanWelcome to the HSSE Edition of Linkage! Since our establishment in 1992, AMCHAM T&T has recognised that good HSE practice is synonymous with sound business sense and has supported the ideal of sustainable development. This is the main reason why AMCHAM T&T hosts our annual Health, Safety, Security and Environment Conference and Exhibition and why we have chosen to establish our Excellence in HSE Award Scheme.

The 14th edition of the HSSE Conference & Exhibition focuses on HSSE Excellence …. Building Organisational Resilience, a theme that should resonate not only with the people of Trinidad and Tobago but with the region and the world at large, given the effects of the major disasters which have struck this region and indeed the world in recent times.

Think the earthquakes of Haiti, Chile and China; the floods of Pakistan, China and the United States; effects of hurricanes in New Orleans, Florida, Cuba, Jamaica and Grenada; think major fires, oil spills, power outages … the list is long, but the one thing all of these events have in common is the ability and /or potential to destroy infrastructure, resources and life. Organisations that have not developed the capability, procedures, plans and systems to treat with these and other types of threatening events will either falter or take a longer time to recover than those that have put these things in place. The more flexible an organisation and its employees, the more likely it will survive change.

So the 2010 HSSE Conference & Exhibition will bring together subject matter experts and practitioners both local and foreign who will share information and best practice which if implemented will assist organisations to become more resilient and able to face the shocks and challenges of our environment. We are pleased to share some of these ideas with you in this issue of Linkage.

In closing I leave you with these words by Charles Darwin:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

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