Governance in the Caribbean


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Welcome from the AMCHAM Team

Lisa Chamely-Aqui

(L-R) Lisa, Melissa, Kelvin, Dr. Roy Austin, Lisa-Marie, Liz, Sonelle not in picture: Phyllis

(L-R) Lisa, Melissa, Kelvin, Dr. Roy Austin, Lisa-Marie, Liz, Sonelle
not in picture: Phyllis

Since last we communicated in this medium, we acquired and moved into our new offices at 62A Maraval Road, Port of Spain – opposite the old TTT building. Woo-hoo!!! We still have some on-going work, mainly exterior lipstick and rouge, but on January 20th, we moved lock, stock and barrel with a minimal 2-hour interruption in our services.

This feat was largely thanks to our movers and shakers, Coatings and Services Ltd. Leslie, Thomas and their team continue to meet my every impossible demand and deadline without breaking a sweat and within budget. This is the first of many public gestures of appreciation. Thanks too to Kevin Blandin and the engineering team at TSTT – you guys came through for us – it just goes to show that nagging works. AMCHAM members, you don’t need a formal invitation to drop by and visit – you’re always welcome, this is YOUR permanent home too. See our U.S. Ambassador, Dr. Roy Austin in the photo as one of our first visitors.

We’re trying something new in Linkage this year. As the world becomes more integrated, AMCHAM thinks that the Ministry of Trade & Industry’s bi-lingual initiative deserves merit and support. Our intention is to start conditioning you in that direction, by publishing one article per issue in Spanish. The objective for you business readers is to START PRACTISING – and only if you can’t get it, then the fall-back English version is behind. Go ahead – give it a try – we at AMCHAM want to lead you to the right habits that will increase your competitive edge in the Western Hemisphere, at least. Let us know as we go along whether it’s adding value or not – your feedback, interests and needs determine the direction of our publications
and programmes.

That’s my two-cents for the moment, folks, stay tuned and keep reading.

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