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Welcome from the Editor

Desiree Gobin-Seecharan

Desiree-Gobin-SeecharanGiven the importance of accurate information to any decision making process we thought it would be useful to take a look at the issues surrounding data and information technology in recent times. This issue of Linkage takes a look at some of the changes wrought by our growing immersion and dependence on information technology.

My research on this topic has revealed very interesting insights and advice on how data can work for you or against you … and it is useful to be aware of both and so avoid the pitfalls. Certainly, I would like to share a few words on how AMCHAM T&T has been using data and information technology to broaden the minds and opportunities available to our nation’s youth through our National Youth Productivity Forum.

This program has three components: a discussion/debate series, an on-line discussion forum and a school project. All components encourage the participating 5th & 6th form students to research and critically analyse information on the chosen topic. The students are then required to use this information to form opinions, arguments, solutions and recommendations which are then shared with their colleagues either verbally in the case of the discussion/debate component or using the social medium of Facebook. In the case of the project component the outcome of their research is an innovative project meant to stimulate entrepreneurship and productivity. During the discussion/debates the students have access to the internet and can research new ideas and source counter arguments on the spot. In doing so they are required to make quick decisions on whether the information they are viewing is useful or not.

This has been a very rewarding project for the students and all those involved as we have seen the value of providing opportunities to your youth and they have reaped the benefits of constructive and critical thinking, research and analysis and of course personal development and growth.

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