AMCHAM T&T’s President Call For Urgent Action To Safeguard T&T’s Economy

AMCHAM T&T’s President maintains that urgent action must be taken to safeguard T&T economy against falling oil prices and the increasing volatility in international markets.

In a Business Guardian article on Tuesday 25th August, 2015, he states that “Whoever wins the next election does not have the luxury of settling in. It cannot be politics as usual and the next government needs to prioritize and look at how they utilize income earnings”.

Amid concerns that a drastic slowdown in China might hurt economic growth around the world, China’s main stock index sank 8.5 percent, along with a sharp decline in US stock prices.  Oil prices, commodities and the currencies of many developing countries also tumbled Monday.

Mr Suryadevara believes that “The country does have staying power” but efforts must be made to change our habits and our expectations as a country.

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