AACCLA serves as:

  • a reliable source of information on regional trade and investment issues;
  • a critical point of communication between the AMCHAMs, members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S. government;
  • a vehicle for companies based in the U.S. to reach one of the largest business federations in the hemisphere;
  • a coordinator of face-to-face interaction between business and government leaders of the Western Hemisphere; and
  • a resource for publications produced by the AMCHAMs, including: membership directories, business guides, investment profiles, and magazines.

AACCLA’s Mission
AACCLA’s mission is to promote trade and investment between the United States and the countries of the region through free trade, free markets, and free enterprise.

AACCLA’s Objectives

  • Advance the Free Trade Area of the Americas
  • Champion U.S. programs to boost trade and investment
  • Build grassroots support in the U.S. for our trade and investment agenda
  • Network the AMCHAMs through our communication tools
  • Leverage our business network to ensure disaster preparedness

AACCLA’s Members

AACCLA http://www.aaccla.org
Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Argentina http://www.amchamar.com.ar
American Chamber of Commerce of Bolivia http://www.bolivianet.com/amcham
American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil/Rio de Janeiro http://www.amchamrio.com.br
American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil/São Paulo http://www.amcham.com.br
Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce http://www.amchamchile.cl
Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce http://www.amchamcolombia.com.co
Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce http://www.amcham.co.cr
American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic http://www.amcham.org.do
Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce/Guayaquil http://www.caecam.org
Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce/Quito http://www.ecamcham.com
American Chamber of Commerce of El Salvador http://www.amchamsal.com
American Chamber of Commerce in Guatemala http://www.guatemalanamcham.com
Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry hamcham@globelsud.net
Honduran-American Chamber of Commerce http://www.amcham.hn2.com
American Chamber of Commerce of Jamaica http://www.amchamjamaica.org
American Chamber/Mexico http://www.amcham.com.mx
American Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua http://amchamnic.com
American Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Panama http://www.panamcham.com
Paraguayan-American Chamber of Commerce http://www.pamcham.com.py
American Chamber of Commerce of Peru http://www.amcham.org.pe
American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad & Tobago http://www.amchamtt.com
Chamber of Commerce Uruguay-U.S.A. http://www.zfm.com/amchamuru
Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry http://www.venamcham.org

Program Of Work Summary
AACCLA is committed to making this the “Century of the Americas.” Priorities in 2002 include:

  • Generate support among government officials and business leaders in all the countries where we operate for the following trade liberalization initiatives: The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA);

The WTO’s Doha Development Agenda;
Bilateral free trade agreements with Chile and Central America;
Bilateral investment and tax treaties; and
Other initiatives as they arise.

  • Provide input to trade negotiators to ensure that the final text of the FTAA reflects the private sector’s priorities to the greatest degree possible, with the AACCLA Secretariat serving as liaison to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the AMCHAMs playing the same role with their host governments.
  • Use the Association’s events, briefings, and meetings with U.S. officials to (a) underscore the need to renew U.S. leadership on the hemispheric trade agenda and to jumpstart Latin America’s incomplete economic reforms and to (b) enhance AACCLA’s profile as a respected source of information on business in the Americas.
  • Host heads of state and cabinet-level officials from throughout the hemisphere at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, thus offering a forum for serious discussion of commercial issues.
  • Strengthen relationships with members of the U.S. Congress and key staff as a way to develop a reservoir of good will toward Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Backstop the AMCHAMs as they lobby the U.S. Congress and the Administration and organize doorknocks upon request.
  • Work with the U.S. Chamber’s TradeRoots program to build a network of business executives, chamber professionals, and local leaders in the United States who will support free trade initiatives.
  • Support efforts to modernize U.S. customs and immigration procedures to enhance security while facilitating trade, particularly through the U.S. Chamber-led “Americans for Better Borders” coalition.
  • Engage the Hispanic business community in the activities and programs of AACCLA by leveraging Access Americas, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce initiative established to expand business opportunities for women and minority business owners.

AACCLA Information Services

An important part of AACCLA’s role as a hemispheric business network is our ability to serve as an information resource for our members. AACCLA offers the following services:

E-NEWS: AACCLA’s primary information service is “e-news,” the Association’s electronic newsletter. Prepared by the AACCLA Secretariat exclusively for the members of the 23 American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America, e-news provides regular updates on policy, events, and activities. Through this medium, the AACCLA Secretariat strives to keep the AMCHAMs informed about how issues of concern to business are unfolding in Washington and throughout the hemisphere – and how AACCLA is weighing in with policymakers. This service is available only via e-mail and is issued once every two weeks.

WWW.AACCLA.ORG: Another key information service is the AACCLA website. The site offers daily news updates, issue briefs, event information, and links to AMCHAM websites. AACCLA members can also access AACCLA archives, administrative memoranda, and directories.

NEWS FLASHES: This service provides news articles discussing the most important developments in U.S.-Latin-American commerce. Authoritative sources such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Journal of Commerce, Financial Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and Washington Times, are scanned each morning for articles of interest to business. Available by e-mail only.

If you would like to receive AACCLA’s regular information services, please provide the following information to the AACCLA Secretariat. Send this information to the fax number or e-mail address listed above.

AMCHAM and/or Company:
City and Country:

Thank you.