20th Anniversary Edition


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Welcome from the Editor


The Editor
Desiree Gobin-Seecharan

Welcome to AMCHAM T&T’s 20th Anniversary Edition of “Linkage”!

2012 is indeed a very special year for AMCHAM T&T as we celebrate the significant milestone of 20 years of service to the business community and more specifically our US and Associate members. AMCHAM T&T was the brainchild of the then US Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, Mrs. Sally Cowal, who in April 1992 brought together a group of twelve business enterprises to shape the entity that is now The American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago, or AMCHAM T&T, as we refer to ourselves. Since that time the Chamber has grown significantly and has carved out a space in the business landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. We boast of providing the most inclusive membership experiences of any similar type of organisation and our business networking opportunities are of the highest quality.

This issue of “Linkage” chronicles some of our achievements and acknowledges many of the people who have helped to make AMCHAM T&T what it is today. However, even as we reminisce, we continue to speak about today’s reality, forecast the future and bring to you our readers insights which will assist you in making more informed business decisions. This is all in keeping with our mission to enhance your competitiveness through the transfer of knowledge and provision of opportunities.

In this regard, AMCHAM T&T will be hosting a number of Trade Missions in 2012. The fist of these will be a high level incoming trade mission from Florida during the period August 5th—8th 2012. The Lt. Governor of Florida, Mrs. Jennifer Carroll, will lead a 15 company delegation to meet with Trinidad and Tobago businesses in an effort to stimulate trade and investment between our countries. More information will be provided on this initiative in the coming months. Here’s hoping that this issue becomes a keeper on your bookshelves and coffee tables!

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